Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Talk Clayton Miller

Robust Exploratory Analysis for Actualized Building Performance – Assistant Chair of Architecture and Sustainable Building Technologies

Date: December 4 2013, 12:00-13:00
Location: ETH Zürich Hoenggerberg Campus (Science City)
Building HIL Room E 67.1 (Bloody Hell)

Architects and engineers focus heavily on the energy, environmental, and functional performance in the design of modern buildings. However, this effort has not proven to consistently correlate with actualized performance of operating buildings. This phenomenon is complicated by the growing amount of raw sensor data generated by modern building energy management and automation systems. Clayton will present a two-step method for investigating the operational performance of new and recently renovated commercial buildings. The goal is to reduce the expert intervention needed to utilize measured raw data in order to indicate efficiency and consumption patterns to diagnose poor system performance and verify if design-intent has been achieved.