Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talk Kim Moon Keun

A Novel Ventilation Strategy with CO2 Capture Device and Energy Saving in Buildings – Chair of Building Systems

Date: March 12 2014, 12:00-13:00
Location: ETH Zürich Hoenggerberg Campus (Science City)
Building HIL Room E 67.1 (Bloody Hell)

This research discusses the performance of CO2 adsorption device and its utilization to save energy in buildings. This new device adsorbs CO2 and a small amount of moisture in the CO2 capture process, and it evaporates pure CO2 by thermal energy in the desorption process. This study shows the possibility of implementing a CO2 capture device in the operation of an air ventilation system for high performance air cooling and heating for buildings. This innovative strategy provides a means to recirculate indoor air to save energy for a certain period of time and the potential for an energy-efficient operation of buildings. This study presents the analysis of CO2 adsorption performance measurements and evaluates the application of the device by numerical calculations. The results of simulations for the tropical summer and Central European winter season show that 30-60 % of air ventilation cooling and heating energy can be saved competed to conventional systems. Based on these results, this study describes the possibility of using this system to recirculate indoor air using the CO2 capture device to save energy and minimize air cooling and heating loads. This novel strategy introduces a new paradigm of air ventilation and can replace conventional air ventilation systems for certain period of time.